SOAP For Sunday

Our Sunday services are a time that we want to leverage as much as we can. We gather for 75 minutes each week on Sunday’s at 10:45 am, and in this short time we want to worship the Lord with everything we have. Each week, during this gathering, we will walk thru a specific text of the Bible because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us, and we want our lives to be centered on what God has to say to us. Because the Sunday gathering is so important to us, we want to come on Sundays prepared to receive from God’s Word. The main way we do that at Lansdowne Alliance is to practice what we call “SOAP For Sunday”. SOAP is a simple Bible study method that allows you to dig into God’s Word on your own. Each week, you will find below the text for our time together on Sundays. Take some time to read the text prior to the specified Sunday and SOAP that text as a way to prepare yourself to come and worship together on Sundays. Click below for more info on how to SOAP.