A Walk Thru Ephesians

This Sunday(April 8th, 2018) we will begin a new 12-week sermon series in the book of Ephesians. This letter from the Apostle Paul to the Church at the city of Ephesus is one of the most dynamic sections of the Bible. With its dual focus on Jesus and His Church, we will see how the good news of the Gospel propels us to live in victory in a world overrun with sin.

This book presents clear doctrine as well as instruction for how that doctrine follows out of the worship gathering on Sundays and into our everyday lives.

Each week as we gather together to worship and hear from the Bible, we want to come with minds and hearts that are prepared for what God wants to show us there. Below you will find the list of sections for each week of our series together in Ephesians. Take some time during the week and S.O.AP. thru the section of Ephesians for the upcoming Sunday. If you need more info about what S.O.A.P is you can click HERE.

LAC-A Walk Through Ephesians Series-SOAP guide.jpg