Everyday Church-Week 4

Last Sunday(Sept 16, 2018) we talked in 9our service about the “8 ways to be missional” listed on page 91-92 in “Everyday Church”. Here is a blog post where you can read that list as well: 8 ways to be missional.

These 8 ways are great, but on page 90 of “Everyday Church” there is another very helpful list as we think about being on mission in everyday life. Here is what it says:

Here is an exercise to help identify opportunities for everyday mission. Think of all the activities, however mundane, in that make up your life: (1) daily routine (traveling to work, eating meals, doing chores, walking the dog, playing with children); (2) weekly routine (grocery shopping, watching favorite television programs, exercising); and (3) monthly routine (gardening, getting a haircut, going to the movies). You should have a long list of activities. For each one, ask whether you could add: (1) a community component by involving another member of your Christian community; (2) a missional component by involving an unbeliever; (3) a gospel component by identifying opportunities to talk about Jesus.

This is a great exercise and it is strongly encouraged that you take some time this week, sit down with a paper and pencil and work thru the exercise listed in that section of the book “Everyday Church”. As you work thru this exercise, don't be discouraged if you don't see the results you want, but instead see it as an opportunity to experience more of God's grace as you more deeply pursue being in mission with Him in this world!