We would love to see you on Sunday!

We know that coming to a new place for the first time can make you a little nervous, but we hope that you will feel welcomed! Here is what you can expect:

Our service starts at 10:45, and usually goes for about 75 minutes. Before the service starts, you can grab some of the best coffee in Baltimore and a pastry, and get your kids checked in to our kids programs. When our service starts, we will sing a few songs in worship to Jesus, and hear a message from the Bible. We also take Communion together each week as a way to celebrate and remember what Jesus has done for us! If you have kids, we have a nursery for little ones and Children's Church during the message part of our service for kids 1-5th grade. Our kids go directly to Children’s Church or the Nursery when they arrive so they can learn about Jesus in an age appropriate way with the other kids who have joined us that morning. After the message portion of our Adult service is over, our kids rejoin us in the Sanctuary to participate with us in all of the ways we express our worship! We feel that having out kids in our service with us for the singing, prayer, giving, and communion moments in our service lets them be a part of what we are all about! We know kids can be a little noisy and squirmy, but we love that. A little bit of noise from kids is a reminder that God has blessed us with kids in our church, and we all love them! All of our Children's workers are background checked and trained so that your kids will have a safe environment to learn about Jesus and have a ton of fun!